Declaration on word of honour

ALS Memoriál Jána Svočáka - Podtatranský krosový polmaratón

I declare I have no health problems and I am well prepared to start at this running even, on which I voluntarily participate on my own responsibility. I have familiarized myself with the rules of the event and I will follow the organizational orders and instructions of the organizers. I am fully aware that I bear all responsibility  and risks associated with my participation in this event and any damage to health or property that arises to me or will be caused by me to the organizers, partners of the event or any third party involved in the event. I declare that in the event of injury or damage to my health or property I will not enforce this to the organizers and third parties.  

As a person concerned in the sense of § 11 law nr. 136/2014 Z.z. about protection of personal data as amended I give my consent to the civic association  Športuj srdcom o.z., IČO: 50817132, Terasová 15/627, Svit, 05921 for the processing of my personal data. For the purpose of this agreement, the term „Event“ means ALS Memoriál Jána Svočáka – Podtatranský krosový polmaratón. Defined purpose: registration and in the event, processing of the start and result list of the event, creation of a cross-country folder / Account (name and surname, title, street, Postcode, state, nationality, date of birth, gender, email contact, telephone contact, insurance company), processing of the time at the event, evaluation of the time achieved as a sport performance at the event, publication of the time achieved on websites and other social networks, processing of personal data for purpose of sending the results as well as information or oganizational instructions and sentences to the e-mail address or telephone number before, during and after the event. I agree that my personal data may be provided to all third parties, partners and sponsor fo organizer.

I also give the organizer the right to share my photos from the event to a website, social network for all third parties, or partners and sponsors of the event.

I give the consent voluntarily under law nr. 136/2014 Z.z. about the Protection of Personal Data as amended.

 By submitting a registration I declare that all of the information provided is true!