Jan Svocak

Ján Svočák (* 3.12.1956 - † 7.3.2016)

Ján Svočák was born in Kežmarok, afterwards he moved to Štôla at a young age together with his parents and six sisters. He began his education at Comenius Primary School and later continued to study at the Secondary Technical School in Svit. After graduation, he had to enlist the compulsory military service he had terminated as a commander of a tank with the rank of captain. After completing his military service he worked in Tatrasvit a.s. , where he began to work as a mechanic of knitting machines. He gradually became a supervisor and production manager. Since 1990 he has been the president of the Matica Slovenská in Svit. Since the child-time he loved sports, especially volleyball, cross-country skiing and football. He spent his free time in the Tatra Mountains, which he loved and eventually he became a cross-hill runner. He also coached young football players for years. In 2003, he changed his employer and started working at the City Housing Management Company as a football field manager. This combination filled him so much that he often spent time in the „work“ until the evening hours.

2011 - Year that changed the life of our whole family

The well-known Greek philosopher Hérakleitos has said a beautiful quote, what role does health play in our lives: „Only because of disease we know the price of health“. Many of us do not realize their health if they have it. But if there is a certain break when they lose it, the whole sense of life at that moment goes to a different dimension. That was exactly the case in our family until we found out the worst diagnosis for us. The verdict of the physician was ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Definitely each of you, just as we did at that time, would not immediately know what this term means until we read about it more. This disease is a loss of central nervous system cells that control volitionally influenced muscular movements. The patient cannot control his movements and gradually loses all his muscles in the body. However, the brain continues to work, and in full consciousness of mental abilities, the patient remains paralyzed. Since doctors have not found a cure for this disease, it is very individual how long can a person fight with it. On average, however, people live between 2 and 4.3 years. With this bloody enemy, for more than 5 years Ján Svočák fought well and with pride. A man with a big heart, not only for our whole family but also for the people who have known him, has shown how to live with love, constant goodwill, mutual help and, above all, always be honest and fair in all circumstances. Sports in his life meant a lot. Thanks to it, he had a strong body and the necessary psychological resilience not to give up even against the most difficult life test.

To honor him and to memorize, but also to spread the knowledge of this disease, we have decided to organize a charity race that will give people strength, hope and support even in difficult life situations.