„We breath and run to help those, whose own muscles abondon”

From the first great feeling of running, through new thoughts, ideas, friendship, better health, but also by discovering beautiful nature and new perspectives and especially knowing ourselves, we get to something bigger….to helping people together, people suffering from diseases they did not choose nor cause.

Together against ALS!

A charity run aimed for helping people suffering from ALS, a type of muscular atrophy involving the loss of central nervous system (brain and spinal motoneurons) cells that control the potentially affected movements. The patient can not control his movements and gradually dull all his muscles in the body. However the brain continues to work and in full consciousness of mental abilities the patient remains paralyzed. A person with this unfortunate illness usually dies as a result of respiratory failure – choking.

Mindset is the most important!

„There is much more in each one of us, than we can imagine!“

In parallel to day to day life the long run is about not to give up, not to surrender. To go beyond your comfort zone and to enjoy the finish line after a very demanding experience. The evidence of this feeling are millions of people running every day.

We do not have to know them personally but they are between us – people who would give everything for the opportunity to compete in a charity run in a beautiful setting under the High Tatras – if they were healthy enough. If you think right now that half marathon in above your limits just think about them and they will give you strength and courage to participate. We believe that one day they can run beside us…

From the heart of High Tatras

Our goal is to help at least one person and his/her family annually through this charity sport event.

The collection for help will be realized in the form of:

1) Registration fee for the race
2) Sponsorship
3) Contributions at the Start/Finish line
4) by donating 2% of taxes to the Športuj srdcom o.z.

The collected money will be transferred to selected person for:

1) medical and compensatory aids
2) rehabilitation costs related to illness

Part of the event is also the collection of PET plastic bottle caps for Sabinka.